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Adult Sunday School

Let's learn together

Winter Classes

9:30 a.m.

“The Home of God: A Story of Everything for All of Life”

  • Taught by Leslie Hand
  • The overarching story of the Bible is the story of God coming to dwell in and with human beings and the world. We will examine God's "Homemaking Project" including Creation, Tabernacle, Temple, Incarnation and the New Jerusalem. We will also consider the role human beings are given to be sites of God's home and agents of his homemaking.
  • Meets in Beard Hall

“Experiencing Prayer”

  • Coordinated by Stacy Cordes
  • This class will be led by Christian leaders within and outside our church. The speakers will share how prayer has transformed their lives and will be an experiential class with time for prayer with others in the class.
  • Meets in Younts Parlor C

“Walking Through the Word: The Gospel According to Luke”

  • Led by Bill Ralston and Linda Simpson
  • This on-going class involves in-depth Bible study with a guided curriculum and lessons.
  • Meets in Younts Parlor A-B